A Farming Holiday
Venue Wada

A one of its kind, this camping experience is meant to be a reflective exercise for the kids with oodles of mud and puddles and cattle and games and art!

This farming based camp will provide an engaging environment where campers will deepen their connection to the soil, plants, and animals that are the sources of their food. All sessions integrate hands-on farm and food activities, outdoor exploration, farm-based arts & crafts, cattle rearing, irrigation, interaction with villagers, rain dance and so much more.

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Space Champ
Venue Panchgani

This Space Camp is all what you might need to get an insightful sneak-peek into astronomy beyond the visible sun, moon and the stars. This specially curated camp brings for the kids an adventure in space science and land based easy grade adventure. Space Sessions will be conducted at an observatory and a Space Centre in the vicinity of the campus which has an alliance with NASA. Sessions will be curated by Internationally accredited staff. The picturesque location of this program gives a perfect setting with a clear sky and to satiate the curiosity and keep the kids charged on the program!

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Explore The Kundalika
Venue Kolad

Designed to have an absolute rural experience albeit with tinges of modernization, this program will give the kids a glimpse of working in the village set up with multiple activity based fun-learning sessions. The kids will experience teaming, leadership, role playing and plenty of free play!

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Berry Land
Venue Panchagani

Panchgani is nestled at middle of five hills in the Sahyādri mountain ranges, also there are five villages around the Panchgani are Dandeghar, Khingar, Godwali, Amral & Taighat. The Krishnā River flows nearby which made the lake of Dhom Dam on the Krishna 9 km from Wai. Camp Panchgani has a vast expanse of land and out of which 20 acres has been developed for camping. The campsite overlooks a hill with a natural scenic beauty and adventure points right at the campsite. Being on very high altitude the weather is pleasant and favorable all round the year.

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Lakeside Adventure
Venue Kamshet

Based at a village called Takwe, near Kamshet, approximately 100 kms from Mumbai, this camp offers a breathtaking rendezvous with the wild flora and fauna and is known for the scenic beauty of its magnificent sub-mountain and riverine landscapes. This camp is perched by picturesque hills and wild forests providing opportunity of a range of experiences and comfort in the wilderness.

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