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We now have a special offer for all parents called the Referral Bonus, in which the referrer and the referee both benefit on our program fees! And the best part is, the referrer is awarded the Referral bonus on each reference! Voila !

1. Referrer is the person who is an existing client of Kshitij, or the one who enquired first with Kshitij. Referee is the person who is introduced to Kshitij by the Referrer
2. Referral Bonus is applicable to only new references introduced to Kshitij and does not apply when clients who are already registered previously with Kshitij, refer each other / form groups during registration
3. In each case of unique referral, both the referee and the referrer will be benefited with cashbacks only once, and not on registrations received anytime later
4. On every referral, the referrer will be awarded Rs. 200 cashback and the referee will be awarded Rs. 100 cashback
5. The scheme is valid for new references only on their first registration
6. For all other queries, mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.