Adventure Mania
Venue Andheri

Designed especially for children looking out for a start to their fondness of camping, this Adventure Camp opens up a whole new world for the kids. Imagine a place surrounded by Greens and wilderness, soothing climate topped by chirps of tiny birds and hums of animals! Away from home, but barely away from familiarity, this experience will make your child more independent and fearless! We have ample activities like rock climbing, rappelling, commando bridge, rifle shooting and many more!

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Misty Hills
Venue Matheran

Located on the Western Ghats range at an elevation of around 2,625 feet above sea level, Matheran, means "forest on the forehead" (of the mountains) is an eco-sensitive region, declared by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. It is one of the few places where motorized vehicles are not permitted, hence giving a very different and an inviting feel to the place! The kids will walk and swim and horse ride and explore the forests at night!

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Marine Adventure
Venue Konkan

The Marine Adventure camp at Konkan is specifically designed for relaxation, thrill and bonding with new friends over peaceful waters of the area!

This camp covers most of the water sports that can be enjoyed by both children and grown ups looking for some exciting, and challenging activities to spend their summer vacations!

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Pursuit of Happiness
Venue - Bhutan

A great example of traditional way of living in the 21st century is Bhutan which measures it's growth with gross happiness of the citizens.
It is an amply modern country yet medieval with one foot still rooted in its past. Bhutan is aware of the downsides of rapid modernization and has decided to move cautiously without losing its soul. Sustainable socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of culture and tradition, and preservation and protection of natural environment are at the forefront of government policy. This gives Bhutan a different look and feel altogether, a visual and spiritual feast for all visitors.

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Munsyari & Beyond
Venue - Shaama & Nachani

Nachani Beach Camp: Life around the blue river
A pristine sun soaked beach along the cool blue Ramganaga. Given its modest altitude, enjoying the warm sunny days and cool swims in the river, one can easily forget that the icy Himalayan peaks loom just around the bend from Munsiyari. We stay in neat alpine tents on the beach, ride mountain bikes, learn to guide Kayaks, catch fish in the river, hike along birding trails, explore vast caves, enjoy a delicious Kumaoni meal in the village and sleep every night under a star cluttered sky.

Camp Shaama: Peninsula in the sky
50 kms from Bageshwar, is the roadhead of Shaama, From here we hike along the ‘Gyandhura’ ridge for 2 kms to reach a small table top at an altitude of 7500 ft. Here you are in the heart of the Central Himalayan wilderness surrounded by the biggest indian peaks – Nanda Devi (7848 m), Nanda Kot (6861m), Trishul (7120 m). We stay is small stone cottages just above the beautiful Gyandhura village. The site offers a spectacular 270 degrees view of the Himalayas up close, as the land drops away on all sides into vast forested valleys of the gleaming Ramganga below.

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Millennial Trekventure
Venue - Solang Valley & Patalsu (Manali)

This program is moderate grade, specially designed for the millenial youth. A short 3 day hike at an altitude of 4220 meters with a breathtaking view of these mighty, gorgeous himalayan mountain ranges bring for the youth an experience to cherish for the lifetime. This is ideal for everyone who dreams of visiting Himachal and camping under the stars atop the mountains with friends by their side and a brilliant campfire warming our hearts. This program is a perfect blend of adventure, thrill and fun !

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Cycling Escape at Goluchina
Venue - Ranikhet

Cycling Escape at Goluchina is an easy grade mountain bicycling program which tried and tested by experts and completely safe even for first time Mountain bikers. The thrill of riding high coupled with a scenic beauty of the mountain ranges all around compliment the intent making it a real escape from the maddening pace of the city. Added are the beautiful, cost stone houses situated at the highest point of the region with inviting adventure activities ! You know you have chosen right if you want to try it all together!

We are located approximately 12 kms from Ranikhet towards the Goluchina region. The experience of living in a 100 year old house and the beautiful countryside with hill villages and forests make it one of the best locations in the hills

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