Berry Land
Venue Panchagani

Panchgani is nestled at middle of five hills in the Sahyādri mountain ranges, also there are five villages around the Panchgani are Dandeghar, Khingar, Godwali, Amral & Taighat. The Krishnā River flows nearby which made the lake of Dhom Dam on the Krishna 9 km from Wai. Camp Panchgani has a vast expanse of land and out of which 20 acres has been developed for camping. The campsite overlooks a hill with a natural scenic beauty and adventure points right at the campsite. Being on very high altitude the weather is pleasant and favorable all round the year.

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The Family Unplug
Venue - Ranikhet & Mukteshwar

Beautiful mountain ranges, simple people, unique culture, green fields, 100 years old traditional stone house "Daankudi" and top of everything never before experienced adventure sports makes this program an amazing as well as out of box holiday for the family.

“Daankudi”: Ranikhet heritage house: Valley of the sun
We are located approximately 12 kms from Ranikhet towards the Goluchina region.
Here we stay in a traditional stone house called the Daan-Kudi - a local term for the highest dwelling in the valley. From the courtyard one can see a broad cultivated valley ringed by rising hills on all sides dotted with small villages on its slopes. The surrounding mountain ranges are ideal for hiking, and exploring hidden architectural gems like the old sun temple in the centre of the valley, camping out in the forest or exploring neighboring villages on mountain bikes. The experience of living in a 100 year old house also makes this a very special experience.

The seven lakes (Saat Tal camp)
Situated a safe distance from Nainital (22km) is a wildlife refuge for humans. The air still smells like air, the moon is up close and personal, animals still own the forest and birds rule the skies. Saat-tal gets its name from the seven lakes in its vicinity. The camp is located on a hilltop overlooking the Saat-tal lakes and at a moderate height of 1350 m (4,300 ft) it is an ideal all-season camp. Apart from the abundance of natural beauty around you, the surrounding forest offers a lot of fun and action. You can go kayaking and swimming in crystal clear lakes, river crossing, rock-climbing, and hiking through dense jungles past hidden villages and waterfalls. The dense Oak and conifer forest makes Saat-tal a birders paradise with more than 300 species of birds (some rare).

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Lakeside Adventure-Me & Mom
Venue Kamshet

Based at a village called Takwe, near Kamshet, approximately 100 kms from Mumbai, this camp offers a breathtaking rendezvous with the wild flora and fauna and is known for the scenic beauty of its magnificent sub-mountain and riverine landscapes. This camp is perched by picturesque hills and wild forests providing opportunity of a range of experiences and comfort in the wilderness.

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Marine Adventure
Venue Konkan

The Marine Adventure camp at Konkan is specifically designed for relaxation, thrill and bonding with new friends over peaceful waters of the area!

This camp covers most of the water sports that can be enjoyed by both children and grown ups looking for some exciting, and challenging activities to spend their summer vacations!

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