Visit to Eco Village

Visit to Eco Village
Venue Govardhan Farm

Explore Govardhan Eco Village's(GEV) blend of traditional wisdom and modern practicality, from innovative award-winning eco-solutions to education in spiritual living, they call it SYMBIOTIC DEVEOPEMENT.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Outdoor Programs

Outdoor Programs in January

Dear Parents

As the school has extended holidays till 7th Jan, We at Kshitij, are planning to organize a special outdoor program for students of Christ Church School. What you have to do is, just vote for your favorite program and if we get 15 votes then HURRY!! We are good to go.

About Kshitij : What we are today is a result of experience since 2006 – working and (playing) with more than 7000 kids, 50 schools & corporate across India. It started with a few, but now we are dedicated group of travelers, artists, writers, photographers, doctors, and above all enthusiasts, coming together from diverse backgrounds, keenly interested in working on child development through experiential education. To read more click here

Important Notes:

  1. To make these programs possible we will need a minimum of 15 campers. So you can simply fill our form and vote for whichever program interests you. If we get atleast 15 interested participants, we will ask you to pay for the same.
  2. Our programs are based on experiential education. The Purpose of these programs is to create a safe and a joyful environment which aids to develop independence, curiosity, resilience and social skills among campers. Our all the outdoor programs are conducted close to the nature which helps to develop special bond between campers and nature
  3. Pick up will be provided from Byculla and Dadar
  4. All the Students of Christ Church School will be entitled to a special discount, once we know the status of registrations.

Upcoming Programs

Visit to Eco Village

Venue: Wada
Date: 5 January
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Lakeside Adventure

Venue: Kamshet
Date: 3 to 5 January
To know more click here

This is a sample itinerary. Kshitij reserves the right to cancel or alter any aspect of our program as a result of unforeseen circumstances, including weather, environment or health hazards. To the best of our ability, substitution of activities will be comparable to, or better than the original activity .

Birthday Celebrations


Birthday is the occasion where you would like to go that extra mile to make your child feel special. Your enthusiasm in your child’s upbringing is overwhelming. On this special day, when you felt the ultimate bliss in your life, add more value to your child's growing up years, with a lot of fun, culture, nature and art! Kshitij promises a Fun-filled birthday experience for your kids with a physically and emotionally safe environment, where the kids can enjoy to their hearts content and take back home a lot of value based playful learning!

Indoor Parties

Fun with Fingers
Birthdays means a lot of colors and fun and creativity! And these hours of fun and play will give you exactly the same! With a wide range of workshop based activities to choose from, give your kids the freedom of their own hands!

Co-operation Games
Ever known anybody who doesn’t like to play?? Well, here, everyone is welcome onboard to play, but we Play for Peace! We hate competitions, so we have these unique never ending games, where even the adults will be transported back to their childhood!

Kids and Plants share an undefined bond! It’s an absolute pleasure to see kids taking care of the plants they grow during this session! Curious brats as they are, the way they react to the soil, seeds, green little saplings and the feeling of contributing in their own way to conserve nature multiplies their joy endlessly!

Laboratory Party
A specially designed activity based workshop on simple principles and laws of Science! These workshops are loved by kids who are fascinated with changing colors, inverted images, light, fumes, magnets and much more!

Outdoor Parties

Birthday Party amidst Nature
Kids love the outdoors! It gives them an immense sense of freedom and energy to be their true selves! With the plethora of nature’s beauty around, this birthday celebration will have kids taking a walk through Nature, meeting a lot of new plants, insects, butterflies and flowers! We play a lot of games full of fun and enthusiasm and of course we have the Treasure Hunt which the kids are crazy about!

Adventure themed Birthday Party
Designed especially for children looking out for a start to their fondness of camping, this Adventure Day opens up a whole new world for the kids. Imagine a place surrounded by Greens and wilderness, soothing climate topped by chirps of tiny birds and hums of animals! Away from home, but barely away from familiarity, this experience will make your child more independent and fearless! We have ample activities like rock climbing, rappelling, Commando Bridge, rifle shooting and many more!

Backyard Camping - Client's Society Premise
Kshitij brings for your kids, a specially designed concept “Camping in the Backyard”. This precisely focuses at building a base of camping and adventure in your kids. This experience would be a booster for home sick kids towards independent living and for concerned parents to believe that their kids can do really well without full time supervision! Away from your home but yet in watchable distance, the kids will make a tent, push themselves to try their hand at challenging yet excitement filled activities and have oodles of fun!

Backyard Fun - Client's Society Premise
An exciting mix of treasure hunt and games. Choose your favorite theme and we will create your world of magic. Right from kids to adults everyone can be a part of it.

Trekking Parties and Star Gazing Parties
These can be customized as per your requirement and budget. We start trekking with 6 year old kids. Irrespective of age trekking rejuvinating for everyone. Monsoon and winter are the best seasons to trek in shayadri range.

Clicking pictures is a rage these days! Why not click, and click good ! With the amazing tech brains of today’s kids, this photography session is an absolute fun way of celebrating your child’s birthday ! We can shoot nature, friends, food, cars, people etc! You think your child is too young, just give him a camera and we will take care of the rest!

Science & Art of Kite Flying

Kite Making & Flying Workshop

Dear Parents
Fantastic Kites will color the sky for SOL's family at the 2018 Kite Festival. This year instead of only kids, the entire family will have endless fun while indulging in kite flying and bonding over colors, paper, thread and heights !

Kite Flying is an age old sport in India. Kites are in metaphor for life, they represent the constant effort to move high and forward while aptly maintaining balance, which makes the experience so personal that you want to get better at it with every kite you fly. It is a great stress buster and helps kids as well as adults release all their anxieties as the kite reaches new heights spreading a sense of calm and achievement, pacing your endorphins and enkephalins - A perfect reason to invest in this experience with your kids !!

Specially Curated for SOL Parents and learners :

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