Imagination Workshop

Imagination Workshop

Every child has a corner in his mind where the world is much different than how we see it. The water is pink, the sun is blue, and the entire world is topsy turvy. All the men who ever achieved great things in life were great dreamers. Everything innovative was a fragment of imagination first, which got nurtured into reality. With an amazing mix of creative activities, by which we try and bring out your child's most imaginative side, we have designed a 2 hour Imagination Workshop.

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Indoor Photography

Basic Indoor Photography

This workshop is designed for kids to learn the basics of camera handling, and various features that a simple point and shoot camera offers. In a room set up, lights and reflection bring out a major impact on the pictures and the kids will learn aptly how to click in home based lights and also make a couple of reflectors using simple everyday material.

The workshop will give the kids a hang on the way pictures needs to be thought about before they click!

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Kondana Caves
Venue Karjat

Kondana Caves - Karjat With a small Waterfall at the top, these ancient caves lay at the end of an easy trek, Kondane has a reason for everyone to cheer. Kondana Caves are the  ancient buddhist caves dated back to 200 BC. The caves enclose sculptures, viharas, chaityas and stupas. The sculptures and stupas are the specimens of Buddhist architecture. Apart from the lush greenery, cascading waterfall is a major attraction at the caves.

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Boot Camp
Venue Vangani

Kids hate exercising and so do we! But we absolutely adore forms of physical activities which are absolute fun to do and also bond with friends at a natural landscape away from the city! A Bootcamp addresses all the 10 elements of fitness such as agility, flexibility, coordination, stamina, muscle strength, muscle endurance to name a few. This day is going to be power packed and full of funn!

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Kids Club Second Event : Science Mania

Science Mania

With science in everything around us,a day filled with easy to make models based on concepts learnt in school, this day will give the kids a chance to apply their knowledge and skills to make interesting working models with their own hands! A purely experiential session, the heart, head and hand will come together to make the madness possible and to learn that keen observation and critical application can produce wonders!

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Kids Trek to Prabalmachi

Trek to Prabalmachi
Venue Panvel

Prabalmachi is the midway base village for two famous treks near Navi Mumbai named Prabalgad and Kalavantin. Prabalmachi offers breathtaking view of both Prabalgad and Kalavantin, with a scenic valley view of Panvel outskirts. Nothing can beat Prabalmachi when it comes to location, weather and food. It’s one of the best camping location our team has produced with required basic amenities. It also offers a small trek through the forest filled with nature's bounty.

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Kite Festival
Venue: Matunga-Girgaum

Makar Sankranti is a festival that heralds a change of season marking the movement of the sun into the northern hemisphere - a celebration to mark the end of winter. The skies are blue and clear, a cool breeze blows and a feeling of anticipation, joy and jubilation grips all who celebrate the occasion.

As Kshitij invites parents along with kids for this joyous experience, we think it is a perfect occasion to bond over Kites with you and your kids! This experience of making kites with Mathematics and flying them, helps you release your own anxieties and gives you a sense of freshness and makes you feel light and happy!
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Find the City of Zenedu

Find the City of Zenedu

In an ancient town of Zeny, there once lived a farmer along with his two greedy sons. At the time of his death, he called them both and gave them the location of a leafless tree in the near by forest. He said a treasure awaited them there and they were not supposed to talk about the treasure to anyone, for the evil spirits may torture them for the rest of their lives. Now the way to that leafless tree was full of mysteries and adventure! Will the two brothers be able to find the tree ? Will the treasure still be there ? What if someone came to know about it ?

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