• FAQ's



1. How can I register/pay for the program?

Ans: You have to pay for your choice of program from our website www.kshitijworld.com and fill online application form.

2. How many faculty members would be present in the program?

Ans: On an average we have one faculty on a group of 7-8 kids. So for a batch size of 25, you can expect 3-4 volunteers from Kshitij. For kids programs, we ensure that female facilitators also accompany groups during each camp.

3. What about participants safety during camps and treks?

Ans: At Kshitij, we ensure a child’s Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Social Safety. The facilitators are trained in terms of their code of conduct and behaviour with kids, making sure that they are vigilant and sensitive about how to deal with a child and also to be observant of peer’s behaviour with each other.

As far as Physical Safety is concerned,
a. The volunteers have a medical kit with them containing the necessary first aid and basic medications approved by a doctor with dosages prescribed for kids.
b. The volunteers are trained in first aid and emergency care.
c. At the campsite, a vehicle is always kept available in case the child has to be taken to a local doctor for further medical intervention.
d. The local doctors are identified beforehand and informed about a camp happening in the vicinity.

4. How can we get in touch with participants during the program? Are Mobile phones allowed?

Ans: Except for long distance programs, we do not allow cell phones in our programs. The program is designed to be in the wilderness and away from the monotonous comfort zone. Phones can be distracting and become a safety hazard. If carried, phones will be confiscated and have to be taken back from our office at the end of the season.

a.Parents will be provided contact numbers of the facilitators and also a local contact number.
b. Parents are requested to call only on the prior mentioned date and the time. This is observed strictly as the child’s participation and involvement is affected by everyday conversations with parents.
c. All parents will receive updates from our office about the day’s activities along with some pictures.
d. In case of any queries/ emergencies, you can contact our Office and our staff will do the needful.

*For long distance programs we allow cell phones during journey only.

5. What kind of food is served?

Ans: We serve only simple vegetarian meals during the camps. Jain food is an option that is available at all campsites, but it has to be informed at the time of enrolment. Anyone failing to do so, may have to abide by the options available then during the camp.

  • Breakfast usually consists of One hot dish like idli, poha, upma, puri bhaji, Dahlia, Bread Butter, tea coffee, bournvita.
  • Lunch comprises of 2 vegetables, roti, dal, rice, salad, papad, fruit.
  • Evening Break consists of Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate and biscuits.
  • In Dinner we have two sets of meal based on nature of program.
  • For long distance programs dinner comprises of 2 vegetables, roti, dal,rice,salad, papad and dessert. For short distance programs dinner comprises of Pav bhaji/Chinese/Pasta along with rice dish and salad.
  • Meals may change as per the vegetables and food items available at the campsite.
  • P.S: Do not expect fancy meals or fast food. We don’t serve/allow Junk food during camps or journey.

6. Do I need to be physically fit for outdoor programs?

Ans: Though the program is not physically demanding, it is a good idea for participants to have some flexibility, agility and stamina to enjoy the activities and challenges. Some stretching & flexing exercises, and jogging for 30 minutes a day, starting 2 weeks before the programs is recommended.

7. How long we have been operating?

Ans: Kshitij has been conducting camps for kids since 2006!

8. What if applicant is unable to travel due to some health issues?

Ans: We would suggest you to consider enrolling your child for a camp only if he/she is medically fit for engaging in adventure sports, treks and camping activities. In case of an emergency health issue, you can get in touch with our office for the same and request for a batch change / destination change and they will guide you as per the availability of seats. In case of cancellation, the standard cancellation policy will apply.

9. What is your Cancellation Policy?

Ans: Cancellation Policy

    Ask for cash refund

  • 61 Days Before - 05% Cancellation of the Program Charges
  • 30 Days Before - 10% Cancellation of the Program Charges
  • 15 Days Before - 20% Cancellation of the Program Charges
  • 10 Days Before - 50% Cancellation of the Program Charges
  • Less than 10 Days - 100% Cancellation of the Program Charges

    Ask for credit note (No Cash)

  • 61 Days Before - 00% Cancellation of the Program Charges
  • 30 Days Before - 05% Cancellation of the Program Charges
  • 15 Days Before - 10% Cancellation of the Program Charges
  • 10 Days Before - 25% Cancellation of the Program Charges
  • 03 Days Before - 50% Cancellation of the Program Charges
  • Less than 3 Days - 100% Cancellation of the Program Charges

10. What all documents will be required for long camps?

Ans: We will require a passport sized color photograph, application form duly filled, Copy of Pan card / Aadhar Card and original School Id card.

11. Is drinking water available while train journey and what is mineral water provided during camps?

Ans: We provide Mineral water during journey and internal travel during camps. On campus, filtered water is available 24*7, so kids can refill their bottles regularly. Kindly do not ask for bottled water on the campuses, as it is not available and proper care is taken for the water and food consumed by the kids.

12. Do you do custom tours?

Ans: We customize tours / camps for minimum 10 participants. We also customize tours for families with minimum 5 participants. You can mention the precise age group of the participants and you will be given options accordingly. You may also ask us to customize a tour for your choice of destination.

13. What all things have to be carried in the camps?

Ans: Kit List, what and what not to carry:

  • 5-6 t-shirts
  • 1-2 sweat shirts
  • 1-2 shorts
  • 2-3 track pants
  • Undergarments (sufficient)
  • Towel
  • 3-4 pair socks
  • Shoes (rubber soled and in good condition, should not be new)
  • A light pullover
  • A jacket (preferably rainproof) - Only for North Camps
  • Toiletry Pouch
  • Sunscreen, Lip guard & Mosquito repellant
  • A torch (spare batteries)
  • A cap
  • Medicines if you are under treatment
  • Extra pair of spectacles in case you use them (we do not recommend contact lenses)
  • Water bottle (ability to carry 1 liter of water, NOT a thermos